Boat Lettering & Boat Name Decals in Michigan

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Whether you primarily use it for business purposes or turn to it when you want to relax, you take a lot of pride in your boat and its appearance. Make it look its absolute best by adding custom boat name decals or customized boat lettering to it. Creative Vinyl Signs, Inc. specializes in providing boat owners with the decals they need to do custom lettering for boat names and registration numbers. You can make your boat one of the best-looking boats out on the water when you have the right custom boat decals applied to it. Our long-lasting decals are designed to stand up to almost anything and won’t fade on you, which will ensure your boat looks amazing well into the future.

What Size Numbers Do I Need For My Boat Registration?

Boat letters and numbers must be in 3 inch block lettering so that it can be read easily from left to right. It must contrast the color in which it rests on (boat color) so that it stands out and is easily visible. Last but not least, letters must be separated with a space or dash (hyphen).

Examples of Boat Registration Number: 

  • AA 8697 BB
  • AA-8697-BB

Vinyl Boat Name and Registration Lettering in Michigan

When boat owners put boat names and boat registration numbers on the sides and backs of their boats, it’s important for them to be legible. It’s also important for them to stand the test of time and stay put for years to come. Creative Vinyl Signs, Inc. has vinyl boat names and vinyl boat registration numbers that will stay in place once you add them to your boat. Our custom boat lettering will enhance your boat’s appearance and make it easy for others to identify your boat, even from a distance. This will keep you safe out on the water and allow you to track down your boat if it ever happens to go missing.

At Creative Vinyl Signs, Inc., we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing home and business owners with everything from custom vinyl banners and custom yard signs over the years. We also offer a wide range of other promotional products for companies looking for fun ways to market themselves. People know they can count on us for quality—and we take the same approach to creating custom boat lettering as we do to everything else. You can feel confident in our ability to set you up with custom boat decals that will look great on your boat.

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