Personalized Urn Engraving & Cremation Vault Laser Etching

Provide your loved one with the resting space they deserve with a personalized urn. Creative Vinyl Signs, Inc. provides personalized urn engraving and cremation vault laser etching services. Our services guarantee urns will have a distinct look and provide our customers with a chance to add any meaningful words or symbols to their loved one’s resting space.

Cremation Urns vs. Cremation Vaults

Despite what some people think, cremation urns and cremation vaults are not the same things. Cremation urns are used to house the remains of a person following their cremation. Cremation vaults, on the other hand, are used to provide urns with the protection that they need when they’re buried in the ground at a cemetery. You will most likely need to purchase an urn when you cremate a loved one so you’ll have somewhere to store their remains, but you won’t necessarily need a cremation vault unless you plan on burying a loved one’s remains in the ground. Regardless of which option you choose to buy, Creative Vinyl Signs, Inc. can provide you with the personalized urn engraving and cremation vault engraving services you want based on your specific needs.

Different Materials Used for Cremation Urns and Vaults

When you and your family begin to shop around for cremation urns and vaults, you’re going to find that they can be made from many materials. We can do custom urn engraving, urn etching, cremation vault engraving, and cremation vault plate etching on almost any of them. We provide myriad options, including:

  • Metal urns
  • Brass urns
  • Bronze or stainless steel urns
  • Stone urns
  • Wood urns
  • Cloisonné urns
  • Ceramic urns
  • Glass urns
  • Polyethylene cremation vaults
  • Polymer cremation vaults

If you would like to discover more about the personalized urn engraving and cremation vault engraving we provide, reach out to us at 269-782-2833 today.